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What can you expect from private dining?

- A tailored menu to suit your preferences and needs. Our experienced chefs will make sure to design a unique gastronomic experience that combines the best flavours and the freshest ingredients of the season.

- An intimate and cozy atmosphere where you can enjoy the food in privacy with your loved ones. Our exclusive dining venue offers elegant decor and personalised service, allowing you to relax and enjoy every moment.

- The opportunity to participate in the cooking together with our skilled chefs. You will be allowed to explore culinary techniques, learn the secrets behind some of our signature dishes and get a hands-on experience in the kitchen.

Welcome to private dining with us - where we strive to deliver a gourmet experience out of the ordinary!

Tailored menu according to your preferences.

Personal meeting with the chef to discuss your wishes and needs: We offer a tailored menu experience where you have the opportunity to have a personal conversation with our skilled chef. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your preferences and needs so we can create the perfect menu for you.

Choice between different kitchen styles, including classic, modern or international: Our private dining experiences give you the freedom to choose the kitchen style that best suits your taste. Whether you prefer classic dishes, modern fusion or international specialities, our chefs are experts in all styles and will ensure an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Option to add special dietary requirements or allergies to the menu.

We take care of any special dietary requirements or allergies. Just inform us of your special needs during the personal meeting with our chef.

We go to great lengths to ensure that each guest's dietary needs are met without compromising taste and quality.

  • Personal meeting with the chef

  • Choice between different kitchen styles

  • Possibility of special dietary requirements or allergies

  • Intimate and cozy atmosphere

  • Exclusive private space with beautiful furnishings and elegant table setting creates an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Gentle lighting and atmospheric music contribute to relaxation, while the limited number of guests ensures personal attention from our skilled waiters.

  • Possibility to participate in the cooking

'Chef-for-a-day' experience where you can work side by side with professional chefs.

Get a unique opportunity to be part of the kitchen and learn from the best.

Experience the thrill of preparing and cooking gourmet dishes under expert guidance and

Interactive demonstration of cooking or cocktail techniques during the meal.

Learn new skills and tricks directly from experienced chefs and bartenders

Get hands-on experience with advanced techniques that you can later impress your guests with

Gather inspiration from experienced chefs who share tips and tricks throughout the event.

Listen to specialist culinary advice and discover the secrets behind great cooking

Be inspired to explore new flavour combinations and creative presentations

Participating in the cooking not only gives you the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable meal,

but also the chance for personal development as a food enthusiast.

Whether you are a beginner or already experienced in the kitchen,

this interactive experience will take your passion for gastronomy to new heights.

Where can you experience private dining?

Imagine enjoying an exclusive dinner in privacy and surrounded by luxury. Several restaurants in the city offer private dining areas where you can pamper your taste buds with gourmet dishes. In addition, there are also skilled chefs who offer private dining services at your home, so you can enjoy gastronomic masterpieces without leaving the comfort of your own home. Whether at a fancy restaurant or at home, a private dining experience will be something out of the ordinary.

Restaurants with private dining areas.

Luxurious restaurants in historic buildings and castles offer private dining areas that provide an exclusive atmosphere. These places are perfect for special occasions or business dinners where you want to impress guests with your culinary expertise. Modern eateries have also integrated private dining areas into their design concepts, creating an intimate and personal atmosphere.

In these restaurants you can experience:

Refined dishes made from the finest ingredients

An elegant interior with antique furniture and beautiful works of art

Option to book the entire room for private use

Personal service from dedicated staff

A carefully selected wine list with wines from all over the world

If you are looking for the ultimate gourmet experience, restaurants with private dining areas are the perfect choice. Here you can indulge your senses in luxurious surroundings while enjoying a meal created by skilled chefs.

Whether it's a romantic night out or an important event, these restaurants will ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

Chefs with private dining services.

Experienced gourmet chefs and specialist themed chefs offer unique private dining services tailored to your tastes. These chefs will transform your home or a chosen location into an exclusive restaurant experience with personal service and gastronomic masterpieces.

Explore a world of taste experiences and let yourself be pampered in an intensely intimate environment where the food becomes the ultimate star.

Experience a personalised dining experience like never before with our chefs' private dining services. You can enjoy menus tailored to your preferences and dietary requirements, while experiencing the expertise of some of the best culinary talent in the business.

Our experienced gourmet chefs ensure that every bite is filled with flavour nuances and creativity, while our specialist themed chefs bring authentic culinary traditions from around the world directly into your dining area. Get ready to be surprised by the unexpected and awakened by new tasty experiences at this completely unique form of private luxury dining at the highest level!

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